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Boost the sales of your product

Experience is everything when selling your product. By providing your customer with the ultimate customer experience through realistic product visualisation in three dimensions combined with a digital customer journey you can boost the sales of your product.


The ultimate customer journey

Product sales is all about the customer journey. Take your customer by the hand into an immersive customer journey and step by step help them with their buying decision. Packhunt is highly configurable and provides you with the building blocks to build your perfect customer journey that suits your business from product selection and recommendation, product presentation, design options, quoting the price to finalising the order.


Optimize your sales channels

Combine the best of both worlds and sell your products online as well as in your stores. Bringing your sales channels together means customers can easily continue their online shopping experience in your store or continue the in-store purchasing journey from the comfort of their home.

Packhunt’s omni-channel abilities help you to create an interlinked online & in-store shopping experience that will enhance your customer buying experience. This can be easily realized by integrating in your current web environment as part of an online experience to present your product as well as running Packhunt on in-store systems. Packhunt arranges the rest through our customer identification system.



The convenience of selling everywhere

Packhunt is fully web-based which means you can connect to our platform from anywhere in the world on virtually any device. All you need is an internet connection and a modern browser and you can start using the platform from your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, kiosk, or touch screen display. It doesn’t get easier than that.


Make your customers fall in love with your product

Customers need to fall in love with your product. They need to discover it and study it in order to make the decision to buy it. What better way than to present your online product with high-end visualisations in a realistic 3D environment in full 360° view, allowing your customers to experience your product from every angle and study every little detail by zooming in, as if they are holding the product.



Mix reality and the virtual world

Take your product sales up a notch and show the bigger picture. Through emerging technologies such as 3D scanning, virtual try-on, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) the physical and virtual world can now interact and mix, opening up new opportunities for product presentation. Adding that extra touch to your customer buying experience.

With Packhunt you can show customers exactly how your product would fit or look on their body or visualise your product in your chosen context such as indoor and outdoor environments. Allowing you to visualise, for instance, how a piece of furniture will look in your customers' living room, virtually try on a piece of jewellery or present your new building plans virtually in full 3D.


Scale up your business

Are your products flying off the virtual shelves and do you experience an increase or peak in traffic on your website or visits to your store? Packhunt will automatically scale with the increased load without losing efficiency or processing power. As Packhunt provides a turn key solution that requires no on-device installation or management, scaling your sales process is easy and comes at a low cost.


Be an agile business

In today's fast-paced business environment of seasonal and trending products, business agility is key to attracting customers. Packhunt helps you to increase your business agility as you can easily set up a new or adjust a current product model. Meaning that you can create a new product collection without high investment and save time adjusting your current product collection.


Offer bespoke products

Offer your customers bespoke products with Packhunt. Through investing once in a parametric product design your customers can customise and personalise your product designs online or in your store. Any change or adjustment made for example to the colour or size, and your product will transform smoothly to your customer's desired design with high precision. No need to start from scratch for any design changes, you will get instant feedback. Based on your customer's input your product transforms exactly to how your customer envisions it in just seconds.


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