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We are so excited to be at BouwBeurs 2023 - a meeting place for the Dutch building industry. If you are attending, you can find us in the Startup-street Hall 9 at stand 09.B111.  We will be there with our solution for Factories, so if you are interested in automating your sales process and visualising your product to clients then stop by to say hi. 


Here our colleagues have collected a list of recommendations for our top presentations that we are excited to attend and here they are:

Day 02, FEB 7

Presenter: Desmond Burghard 

"Digitization as a catalyst for sustainability and the economy"

Are you looking to explore the connection between digitisation and sustainability? Well then perhaps this presentation at Bouwbeurs could answer your questions.

Desmond highlights the major challenges that affects the Dutch market and beyond: labor shortages, raw materials shortages and sustainability goals.

We also see digitalisation as the catalyst for construction companies. Efficient processes, automation and optimisation solves inefficiencies, while high-tech helps to promote and fins sustainable solutions. Let's certainly hear what Desmond Burghard has to say about it.

Attend this presentation >>>


Day 03, FEB 8

Presenter: INpakt Gevelsystemen

The innovation: mineral facade panel with the look of brick

The dutch love their brick houses, don't we? However, have you heard that due to the necessity to phase out of gas many homes in the Netherlands will need post-insulation on their facades? The INpakt Gevelsystemen will present a facade cladding that can be applied to the desired insulation with the looks of brick.


Why are we recommending this presentation? First, because good insulation is a sustainable long-term heating solution. Second, given our expertise in modelling bricks and facade panels, we are excited to see how our configurators can help this product develop.

Attend this presentation >>>

Day 03, FEB 8

Presenter: Eldin Fajkovic

Transforming buildings parametrically

Eldin Fajkovic is in fact almost our colleague, since he was also trained in the University of Delft, which is the alma mattera of most of our team, which of course means, he is broadly trained in parametric design and its application. Eldin will be discussing the circular design and transformation of the stock of vacant real estate and how to transform buildings parametrically - we could not avoid supporting such a presentation!


Just a reminder, that Packhunt is a parametric platform that allows you to upload Grasshopper models and adjust the parameters. Come  and hear more about the real estate market and the transformation of buildings. 

Attend this presentation >>>


Day 03, FEB 8

Presenter: Collin van Kooten

Digitalization in Construction

One more presentation on digitalisation in construction. We share a common goal with Collin and Autodesk because he is also actively working with digitising the building sector. Since Packhunt for Factories and our entire team caters for this sector, we would like to hear some new insights from Collin van Kooten who has experience with BIM implementations in architectural and construction firms. 


Attend this presentation >>>

Day 04, FEB 9

Presenter: Jacques 

Rethinking: the solution to the labor shortage

Cherry on the top for the end of the fair, this presentation is about shifting perspectives. The labour shortage in the construction sector is a problem, but it can also be seen as an opportunity. Packhunt teams - by all means - sees this as an opportunity to optimise and automate. Something the Minister Hugo de Jonge talked about in the Bouwbeurs opening speech. 

Attend this presentation >>>


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