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Eigenraam Engineering was founded in 2015 in the Netherlands and undertakes all-around engineering work with a particular interest in parametric design. Eigenraam possesses a diverse client portfolio that consists of architects, contractors, engineers, facade specialists and manufacturers. This originative company has a flexible working attitude with room for both the logical and the unknown.



One solution

An Eigenraam Engineering customer should be able to design a bridge, calculate the dimensions and generate a pdf cost report all in the same location, while having a user-friendly interface as a common binder between them. Together we came up with a solution to offer the best possible support for customers who work on such complex structures. This was achieved by extending the website functionalities with a configurator. Having such a solution offers a time-saving and more efficient way of supporting customers.





Packhunt training

The extended website functionality offered the opportunity to configure solutions that would achieve our vision. Using the same architecture whilst providing different solutions to different clients proved to be challenging but was successfully overcome. Now customers are able to gain insights and calculations for their projects through a more integrated platform.



What the future will bring

Due to the success of the solution, we are also in the process of designing some modules that we can use for other configurators related to facades and bridges. Keep an eye on our  social media to stay updated with the latest developments of this collaboration.


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