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The story of online sales and production of customised staircases

EeStairs designs and builds staircases in the Netherlands, and is looking to expand to more areas within the Netherlands and abroad. They teamed up with Packhunt to revitalise and remarket one of their best selling and innovative products: the 1m2 staircase, which only requires 1 m2 of floor space. Since August (2019) customers can configure their staircase through an online 3D model created with the Packhunt platform. With Packhunt EeStairs gained an effective online sales solution with real-time parametric configuration, validation, and automated production data. Read more about the EeStairs 1m2 stairs configurator on the link and the points below to find out more about why EeStairs chose Packhunt.



Customised product to sell online 

The EeStairs’ 1m2 staircase concept works for an infinite combination of sizes, colours, safety measures and other options and dimensions. With Packhunt customers can navigate through all the possibilities in their web browser, get instant visual feedback through a 3D model and directly purchase the staircase which they perfectly fitted into their home.

A customer journey configured

Highly configurable products such as the EeStairs 1m2 staircase can be overwhelming for new customers. With Packhunt businesses can design their own customer journey including technical support and other useful information along the way, giving the customer full control over their personalised product.

EeStairs file to factory



Validated product configuration 

Packhunt’s technology automatically generates ‘technically correct’ production data for every customized EeStairs 1m2 staircase, meaning every staircase with any combination of parameters can immediately be sent to the steel cutting and bending machine. Packhunt ensures the producibility and the safety of the customised staircase by validating its geometry throughout the configuration process.


A great step towards automating production is setting up a true file-to-factory process – straight from the configurator to the Computer-Aided Manufacturing machinery. By generating the machine instructions from the same source as the personalised geometry, the alignment between ordered product and end-result can be guaranteed. In the case of the 1m2 staircase, the steel is cut and bent based on direct instructions generated by Packhunt when an order is placed!

Generate production data

With Packhunt all the information required to manufacture, ship and install the product are generated directly. When a customer orders a 1m2 staircase with the configurator powered by Packhunt, order records, workshop drawings and installation manuals are generated precisely according to the specifications provided by the customer. No more need for manually drawing and engineering every single staircase!



Low investment

Packhunt is a cost-effective solution for manufacturers and producers selling complex technical products. Pre-developed (modular) building blocks can be combined and uniquely adjusted to the product, without requiring expensive custom development.

Automate pricing and reports

quality time price

EeStairs values Packhunt due to its capability to automatically generate costs and production data from the personalised model according to EeStairs’ standards. Production specifications and costs are stored in the model and can be retrieved during the configuration process. This saves manufacturers a lot of time and provides customers insight into their planned purchase by allowing them to download accompanying reports and documents.

Easy integration into any platforms

Packhunt enables businesses to easily integrate their configurator into an E-commerce platform or a Content Management System via our API.

EeStairs configurator



Insightful 3D visualisation

For companies and manufacturers like EeStairs it’s important that their customers get as much insight into their product as possible to build trust and confidence before buying a completely customized product. Instead of a physical version, customers are provided with a highly accurate 3D model which they can adjust in real-time via input parameters, such as exact measurements and staircase turning direction.

Quality assurance
and customer support

The possibility to configure different customer journeys around one central model enables sophisticated quality assurance and customer support. Sales technicians can be provided an expert environment, safely accessible through a separate login, in which they can assess placed orders and provide their expert feedback to the customer via a custom link.

3D geometry for BIM environment

Does the architect or another party also need a digital version of your product?’s geometry models are convertible into most available file formats. The EeStairs 1m2 staircase, for example, is converted into an IFC file in via GeometryGym, so it can be placed in various 3D BIM applications and checked together with a building design.




The first project in which we’ve applied augmented reality is the 1m2 staircase from EeStairs. We have previously built a configurator with them for their staircase concept and now wanted to take the next step. With the addition of AR, their customers are able to place an example staircase into their own house. This allows their customers to experience a product in their own environment and it gives them a better feeling for the staircase and its potential place within their own house.

EeStairs Thank You

Thank you EeStairs!

We’re very proud to have worked with EeStairs to create this innovative staircase configurator and happy it became such a success! If you’re interested or have any questions please contact us, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Stay tuned for more exciting client cases!

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