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Geometry Gym develops interoperability tools, primarily in the form of plugins, relating to Building Information Modeling (BIM) software and structural analysis. Based in Australia, for over 10 years they have offered solutions to generate and exchange these models.



Ongoing collaboration

Jon Mirtschin, the director of Geometry Gym, developed a special version of Geometry Gym so that we could integrate IFC files into We have known Jon for many years and have always appreciated our successful collaboration. In the future we will  integrate more plugins from Geometry Gym to Packhunt as they offer such a wide range of tools which will help users with modeling and data exchange.




Data exchange with IFC

The Industry Foundation Class, more commonly known as IFC, is the open data model commonly used in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. This platform-neutral and open format is used by many companies to share data about projects or products. By using the Geometry Gym plugin, we are able to generate an IFC file of models and algorithms (in Grasshopper) that run on Packhunt. This allows for exchange between many different applications. Supporting IFC, which is the open standard, follows the open BIM principle. The biggest advantage of using the Geometry Gym plugin is the ease of use; i.e. building and testing the model on a local computer then uploading it to Packhunt.



Best practice: EeStairs

A good example of where IFC was implemented was the EeStairs staircase configurator. With the IFC functionality architects can now customize their staircase online and import in their own BIM environment rather than just seeing the model in the configurator. This added value helped architects to design and collaborate within BIM, making the process smoother and more efficient. 


“We are pleased we can provide this service, the IFC file,  in a quick way to our customers.

Because this is a success we are developing the next stair innovation together.” - EeStairs, Rebecca van de Beek 25-03-2021

EeStairs staircase
Modern house



Applicable to a larger extent

This technology can be implemented in a number of other areas; such as when we are generating housing and building models or configuring designs. Walraven, amongst others, have supported the IFC extension as it will help them to exchange data.



How does this work with

Packhunt can create IFCs with custom colours and metadata. IFCs can be opened in any BIM software, such as Revit or Solibri. They contain a 3D geometry with colour that can also contain some custom metadata, such as the name of the company who generated the IFC, the date the IFC was generated, etc. It is possible to  import an IFC into an existing model and use it there, for example if there is an IFC of a window then it is possible to  import this into a model of a building to use there.

Packhunt banner house

We are open to integrate different plugins into our platform to support developers.

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