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The specialist of dormer personalization

In 1987, Jansma Burdaard became one of the first companies in Friesland, the Netherlands, to produce and supply plastic-framed windows and dormers. 

Dormer Jansma Burdaard

Since day one, the Jansma family's core value has been to make each of their customers feel special and, after more than forty years, the team continues believing in the motto "the customer is always right". For this reason, Jansma Burdaard decided to start cooperating with Packhunt and use its product configurator to guide their customers in co-creating the dormer of their dreams. 



Enhanced customer journey 

Jansma Burdaard welcomes its visitors in its showroom — a selection of products to let them feel the components and technology available to construct dormers. But there is more: Packhunt online 3D environment extends this selection by displaying all the possible combinations of colours, dimensions, and materials in a 3D visualization, and aids Jansma Burdaard to satisfy any potential request. 


The first step of a Jansma Burdaard's salesperson is to help potential buyers to determine the exact dimensions of the new dormer. Upon defining the roof pitch, the width of the structure, and the number and size of windows, the second step enables the buyers to choose items such as the ventilation system and insulation of the windows. The third and final step is about selecting colours and materials, and aims to reach an agreement between the two parties.


Following a smile of approval comes a signature and a handshake. Next, Packhunt emails the 3D model of the soon-to-be dormer to Jansma Burdaard's customers, which lets them visualize it on their phone, tablet or laptop from home. Packhunt also translates the 3D model into product information for Jansma Burdaard's assembly team, to assist this family-owned business in continuing to manufacture and deliver quality for more than three generations.

Dormer Jansma Burdaard
Jansma Burdaard Visual



Our vision for the building industry 

Open-minded companies like Jansma Burdaard are our ideal clients to fuel our vision of connecting building material suppliers through automation. Packhunt facilitates the sale process, saving time and money to create tailor-made visuals, and allows users to explore different solutions with ease. 


No matter the complexity or number of options, Packhunt can determine the result in seconds, and deliver the required documentation to start building. Packhunt’s mission is to reach and connect more and more companies like Jansma Burdaard, to improve the sale, design and production process, and promote a more sustainable construction industry.

Jansma Burdaard Thank You

Thank you Jansma Burdaard!

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