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The future of construction lies with sustainability

Sustainability - it will affect how future generations live their lives. We have power in our hands to change the reality of tomorrow. Start making smarter, more sustainable choices in the construction industry today.



Encourage sustainable choices

MRPI®-EPD is a foundation that delivers independent environmental product declarations (EPDs)  for the construction industry. With their registered life cycle analysis based method they have helped producers of building products to declare and communicate about the environmental aspects of their products for over 20 years.


They believe that unambiguous and clear communication about the environmental-aspects of construction products leads to a more sustainable world. Their goal is to encourage sustainable choices when choosing construction materials which will lead to a more sustainable world. Further MRPI® is the Dutch member of the European ECO Platform. As such MRPI-EPDs are valid in the whole of Europe.

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Sustainable materials becoming a standard

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of our daily life. Governments are creating more laws and legislation and also companies take more and more responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint. Since the government started to implement legislation on the climate change topic as agreed throughout Europe, MRPI®  was searching for a way to provide easy access to insight on the carbon footprint of construction materials. All this so  that architects, contractors, and producers could make a better choice in the early stage of designing buildings.



Transparent insights available to  everyone

The MRPI-MPG calculation tool, built on top of the Packhunt platform, enables their users to make smarter and more sustainable choices. After selecting  all the construction materials used in their building the MPG value will be calculated. This represents the environmental impact of a building  - in more words: the fictitious price to solve the negative environmental impact for the entire structure through the entire lifespan of the building-. In the last step, users can create a PDF report which shows all the selected products and the MPG value. This is an official document that can be used to apply at tenders for example but is also part of the building dossier and mandatory to get the building permit. Because of this the MRPI-MPG tool is certified by the Dutch Environmental Database (Milieudatabase).

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>10.000 users in 2019

The current MRPI tool has already helped a lot of leading producers to profile their sustainable building product - over 10.000 users in 2019. Because of its success MRPI and are expanding their collaboration by working on a  professional version of the MRPI tool besides the free tool. The new tool remains free to use to stimulate sustainable choices in the construction industry.



Additional features to save time

The goal of MRPI to ensure their users that the environmental information is controlled and verified is achieved by the MRPI®-EPD certificates provided. All new construction products do need approval before they are added in the system. Furthermore MRPI is audited on a regular basis by the ECO Platform. In this way they can guarantee their certificates and PDFs delivered by the tool are always usable in official documents. Soon all buildings will have to meet a requirement for the MPG value so start checking the environmental footprint of your building now.

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Calculate the environmental
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