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Packhunt Academy


State-of-the-art Digital Engineering Skills.

What will you gain?

During these courses, students will learn the state-of-the-art digital engineering skills that will take their career to the next level.

Dozens of Companies Trained. Expert Trainers.

We empower our students to learn the most in-demand digital engineering skills through actionable, hands-on and enjoyable courses & learning programs.

How are the courses organised?

All that is required to get started is a computer and a software license.

We offer both in-person and online groups, with personal support and attention by the experienced trainer(s).  Below you can find the different training courses that we offer. 


Master different skills at Packhunt Academy:

Parametric design for architects and engineers

16-24 hours



Course Description


🇬🇧 This course will be given in English.

🗓 June 7th, 14th, 21st, 2023


Parametric design helps you design structures that can be easily modified, even in the later stages of the design process. Parametric design is an intuitive way for you to automate your own work.


You can use project specific data to automate your design process and workflow, perform calculations, and optimize your solutions. The possibilities with parametric design are ever increasing, and it has already been widely adopted throughout the engineering sector.


In this course you will be introduced hands-on to the software, Grasshopper3D, and you will become familiar with the overall software landscape surrounding parametric design, gaining practical experience on how to accelerate design and engineering tasks using state-of-the-art tools.

Python for Grasshopper
and Dynamo


16-24 hours

Course Description:

🇳🇱 This course will be given in Dutch.


This course explains the added value of Python for parametric design in a practical and construction-oriented way.


You'll get a hands-on introduction to the Python language and programming best practices, and you'll learn how to automate your workflow by extending your options beyond the capabilities of the user interface.


The course requires basic knowledge of parametric design using Grasshopper or Dynamo.

The course dates will be announced shortly.



24 hours


Course Description:

🇳🇱 This course will be given in Dutch.

This course explains the possibilities of automated engineering in a practical and architectural way.


You build a hands-on solution that applies automated engineering by linking multiple software packages, through various steps in the design process.



The course requires basic knowledge of parametric design and  Grasshopper. Programming skills are not required, but provide additional capabilities.

The course dates will be announced shortly.

Opleiding prefab, modular en industrieel bouwen (PMI) 

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 15.14.20.png

10 lesson blocks


Course Description


The PMI training consists of 10 lesson blocks of 3 hours each, spread over 5 teaching days and is led by many different industry experts.  Jeroen Coenders, CEO/CTO of Packhunt, teaches the digitalisation and parametric design module of this course.  The training is aimed at developing the knowledge and skills needed to integrate prefabrication, modular construction and industrialization in one's own company. 


These digital engineering courses are best fit for companies and individual professionals within the building industry who are looking to fill the gap of knowledge about digitization or deepen and/or take it to the next level:

  • Parametric design for architects and engineers;

  • Structural engineers, building physics engineers, environmental engineers;

  • Architects;

  • Computational designers, product designers, modellers;

  • Team leaders interested in identifying strategies for digitisation/ upskilling their team.

If you’re interested in getting an in-company course in one of these topics:




Bring new ways of working to your organisation


Learn from parametric design experts



Earn your digital skills certification



Train hands-on with industry-standard software

Do you have any further questions?

We're happy to answer them!

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