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010 – Making your graph readable with clusters

Updated: May 16

The benefits of clusters

Clusters are a great tool when you often reuse a combination of Grasshopper components. They help to keep your graph clean and readable, allowing you to model faster and to prevent your model from turning into a spaghetti monster!

They also allow you to group related objects together, making it easier to keep track of complex models and workflows. So clusters are a powerful tool in Grasshopper 3D for organising, controlling, managing, and sharing data and components in your 3D models.

Prerequisite: A messy graph you would like to clean up.


Step 1: Select the graph that you would like to clean, right click and choose 'cluster'. This helps to keep everything readable.

Step 1: Clusters in Grasshopper

Step 2: You can now move the cluster easily and rename it

Step 2: Clusters in Grasshopper

Step 3: You can still double click to view the content of the cluster and make changes. Simply click 'save and close' when you're done editing.

Step 3: Clusters in Grasshopper

Tip: You can also duplicate clusters easily and add it to other sections of your model.

Tip: Clusters in Grasshopper

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