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Anke Rolvink introduces Packhunt For Factories in the Holland ConTech & PropTech industry panel

Updated: May 16

On Feb 8th, 2023, Holland ConTech and PropTech organisation and its frontman Wouter Truffino brought together a panel of the Dutch construction and real estate industry professionals to discuss key trends and developments within the aforementioned industries. Here, alongside their individual business stories, they discuss how the past year went as well as their future ideas and plans: new products, developments, trends, learnings and more. Taking a seat at the table, was our very own Co-Founder and COO of White Lioness technologies & Packhunt, Anke Rolvink, who shared the latest developments and story behind Packhunt for Factories.

Watch the full video here:

Among other panelists was the "green innovator" Daan Grasveld, who with his company The Urban Jungle Project are introducing green areas in urban spaces. Joan Ronner, talking about the story of the Area of People, whose mission is to "turn buildings into Micro-Villages" and lastly, Jan van der Doelen representing one of the largest banks in the Netherlands - ING.

Anke Rolvink: "We have a platform and the businesses have their knowledge. We can help companies automate and protect their knowledge."

Anke Rolvink
Anke Rolvink, Co-Founder of White Lioness technologies

In this panel, Anke shares insights into how Packhunt started and how she, and Co-Founder Jeroen Coenders, set up the company. Anke also discusses our latest technology to automate factory & construction supply chain - Packhunt for Factories and how the building industry embraces the technology.

In this video snippet our founder Anke Rolvink introduces Packhunt for Factories - our new solution for Factories and suppliers that help to digitise their processes:

Holland ConTech & PropTech is the ecosystem for companies that want to innovate the construction & real estate sector. We are happy to be part of that ecosystem as we cater for the building industry by automating knowledge and making it accessible worldwide.

Packhunt for Factories is the backbone of selling, designing, engineering, and producing for the building industry online.

In case you want to learn more about how to automate your production, sales and design processes, and save hours to minutes of work, visit the page below.


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