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004 – Changing The Size Of Your Box

Updated: May 16

Great you’ve made a box!

As seen in our previous blog post, we have shown you how to make a box, now we want to show you how you can change the size of your box in Grasshopper.

Changing the size of your box:

Step 1: Firstly, double click on the canvas, and search for "construct point". Then place the component on the canvas.

Step 1: Changing the size of your box

Step 2: For the second step you need to place the three number sliders. You can do this by writing a number on the canvas, or by going to the Params tab in the top ribbon of Grasshopper, to the Input Group, and then selecting Number Slider. Step 3: Next drag wires from the number sliders to the x, y and z inputs, and drag the construct point output to replace one of the two points used to make your box (A or B input for Box component).

Step 3: Changing the size of your box

Step 4: If you then slide the components, your box will change size.

Step 4: Changing the size of your box

Step 5: Tip - If you move the point around in your Rhino workspace then the ‘box’ will move too.

Step 5: Changing the size of your box

What’s next?

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will share some useful resources for learning Grasshopper!

Would you like to know more? #jointhepack

Packhunt was developed with Grasshopper and other parametric applications in mind and it can provide you with control over your Grasshopper models.

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