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005 – Useful Resources

Updated: May 11

Accelerate Your Learning!

Would you like to expand your Grasshopper knowledge at an accelerated rate? Below you can find some useful resources with tips, tricks and tutorials.

Useful Resources

There are so many resources available online that can teach you about Grasshopper, Rhino, parametric design and 3D modelling - we’ve collected a couple that we think will pair nicely with our blog series.

  1. David Rutten series

  2. Grasshopper Explained YouTube series

  3. Online Grasshopper Course

  4. Academy

David Rutten series

On the grasshopper3d website, you can find an ‘Introduction to grasshopper’ series that was made by David Rutten (who created the program when he was working at McNeel).

This series starts from the basics and helps you learn the fundamentals of Grasshopper.

Grasshopper Explained YouTube Series

Once you’ve got the hang of the basics, our YouTube series may prove helpful. We have useful tips and tricks related to Grasshopper in short video form. These tips are easily digestible and visual!

Online Grasshopper Course

Skill Share also has a wide range of online courses that can help you learn Grasshopper. Many of their videos give tutorials on specific topics and new members get the first 7 days of Skill Share premium for free!

Packhunt Academy

Once you’ve accumulated some basic knowledge on Grasshopper, you may consider levelling up and joining our Packhunt Academy. In this course, we offer three different types of trainings: base trainings, advanced trainings and grasshopper trainings.

The base training, offered in the Netherlands, will help get trainees familiar with Packhunt and its components whilst the advanced training offers the possibility to create more complex solutions. The Grasshopper training is also an essential training as it is supported by Packhunt and can help trainees to create the desired solutions.

Would you like to know more? #jointhepack

Packhunt was developed with Grasshopper and other parametric applications in mind and it can provide you with control over your Grasshopper models.

If you’d like to continue expanding your Grasshopper knowledge, get in touch with us via this

contact form. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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