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Introducing you to slicerXL

Large scale 3D printing comes with many challenges, not in the least the software. 

We want to make your life a little easier and help you get started.


White Lioness technologies and Packhunt are proud to announce that in collaboration with Vertico, Packhunt and Saxion we are launching SlicerXL. We want to allow the pioneers of digital manufacturing to do what they do best - innovate. 



A solution to a problem  

Usually when you scale up your 3D printing you also need to scale up your slicer. Existing slicer software does not deal well with large geometries that a robot or gantry can handle. With this free slicer, we want to enable a broader audience to get started with large-scale 3D printing. It will get you started and save you a lot of development time. 


SlicerXL is a free online tool that enables the slicing of large scale models to coordinate and generate code for 3D printing. It is easy to use and will help you get your 3D models ready for printing!




How it works

By following these simple steps, you too will be able to print your very own model:


First upload your file and choose your printer, then orient the geometry of your model and slice it! After that position the seam, this step is for the perfectionists out there. Finally you generate the code, agree to the terms and conditions and you’re ready to print. It’s a very straightforward process. 



Get started!

SlicerXL is great for small businesses and individuals who are getting into the 3D printing game, it can help you with your models in an easy and efficient manner. 


Have we mentioned that it is free?

SlicerXL - Container Box - slicerXL -

Try it out now!

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