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Great results stem from great partnerships

Sweco's collaboration with White Lioness technologies and IGG Bouweconomie created SolarParking. A parametric tool to add solar panels to your parking lot to power electric cars while giving them cover.


These three teamed up during White Lioness technologies' Enterprise Early Adopter Training Program. Thanks to Packhunt, they bridged Sweco's geographical data with parametric design solutions, aiding Sweco's mission to design greener and better cities.


Erwin Jacobs, Product developer at Sweco Netherlands, and Tjeerd Hermsen, BIM manager at Sweco Netherlands, joined us to tell you more about this fruitful partnership.



What started your collaboration with White Lioness technologies?

Jacobs: "Our collaboration started in March 2020, with the kick-off of SolarParking, after we had been discussing several ideas for some time. Jeroen Coenders [White Lioness technologies' CEO, ed.] was my professor during my studies at the TU Delft, and we've remained in touch ever since."


Hermsen: "We began brainstorming with White Lioness technologies on how to help each other, and we found out to share the same vision on Building Information Modelling. This item among others helped us in aligning around a shared goal, and start developing SolarParking."

Erwin Jacobs

Erwin Jacobs

Product developer at Sweco Netherlands

Tjeerd Hermsen

Tjeerd Hermsen

BIM manager at Sweco Netherlands



And what did you gain
in this partnership?

Jacobs: "We got trained to use Packhunt and tailor it to our needs. We enjoyed the workshop hosted by White Lioness technologies: we both openly shared the logic behind our softwares, and we could always have a call if we had questions. Everything took place online, and it went smoothly."


Hermsen: "I didn't take part in the workshop, but I had a sneak peek now and then. Although we're three separate companies, my feeling was that there was one team with one focus and lots of innovative ideas. To me, that's the epitome of collaboration."



How did IGG Bouweconomie and its employees aid you in the process? 

Jacobs: "White Lioness technologies introduced us to IGG Bouweconomie. A strong plus of their joint partnership is to connect each other to potential new partners. It's an interesting network within Packhunt that can be of great help when you need a product or service."


Hermsen: "Exactly! IGG Bouweconomie's expertise in cost estimation helped us to turn a parametric design into something tangible for contractors. No matter our differences, Sweco, White Lioness technologies and IGG's open mindsets and interaction was of great benefit to share knowledge and promote innovation."





How do Sweco and White Lioness technologies' paths intertwine in
the incoming future?

Jacobs: "We want to host more internal and external processes and services on Packhunt. Also, we're discussing with other departments at Sweco how we could use what we've learned during this collaboration. White Lioness technologies' commitment has been great so far, and our shared future looks promising."


Hermsen comments: "I agree. The SolarParking project is a result of our great collaboration. We've set up a working methodology with White Lioness technologies that we can re-use over and over, and keep on improving with every new experience."

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Thank you Sweco!

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