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Walraven Rooftop

Walraven echoes with two words: simple and smart

Its products might be small, but make a massive difference in installations. From clamps to brackets, from struts to fasteners, from cable ties to roof supports. No matter the project's size or specifics, Walraven's products and expertise are up to the challenge. 

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To meet the increasing customer demands and grow its business, in 2018, Walraven began to search for a partner that could build a product configurator.


White Lioness technologies ended up being the best fit for Walraven's necessities and a fruitful partnership ensured to apply parametric solutions into Walraven's processes.


Grzegorz Adamski, Sales Director of Central & Eastern Europe at Walraven, and Sebastiaan Veldhuisen, a consultant hired by Walraven to manage the project, joined us to tell us more about this partnership.




Why did you start collaborating with White Lioness technologies?

Adamski: "We were searching for a software company that could build us a product configurator to digitize and optimize our sales process. We were already quite far in our supplier research, but we couldn't find the best match. Our CEO, Pelle van Walraven, met Jeroen Coenders [White Lioness technologies' CEO, ed.] at an exhibition and, after a short discussion, invited him to our headquarters to present a concept for Walraven's product configurator. That's how it all started."

Veldhuisen: "Walraven is a manufacturer with a vast products range. Developing a configurator can be challenging: it's a large amount of data that requires advanced configuration logics. The configurators we analyzed until that point weren't user friendly enough for Walraven's technical experts and its customers. We wanted the freedom to add and customize products by ourselves, and not to depend on a third party. At our first meeting, White Lioness technologies' team showed us how they work with Grasshopper, a far more flexible and user-friendlier parametric logic for our products range. Already in their first proof of concept that they prepared for our rail system, we got a great insight into White Lioness technologies' parametric logic, and we thought that 'yes, this is exactly what we need!'" 

Grzegorz Adamski

Grzegorz Adamski

Sales Director Central & East Europe at Walraven Group

Sebastiaan Veldhuisen

Sebastiaan Veldhuisen

Sebastiaan Veldhuisen (MSc) - BIM Sources, external project manager at Walraven



Next to the software, what do you think makes this collaboration successful?

Adamski: "We didn't only search for the best software solution, but also for a company that fitted our culture. Jeroen Coenders' entrepreneurial approach, passion and drive weighted positively on our decision and White Lioness technologies' transparent, open and proactive approach, matches Walraven's values. The first proof of concept for the configurator proved that its employees are reliable and know what they're doing."


Veldhuisen: "As a TU Delft alumnus, I knew Jeroen Coenders. He teaches Building Information Modelling at the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences and has worked at Arup for years and he approaches challenges with a unique combination an IT and a building engineering perspective. For this reason, many White Lioness technologies' employees have a background in building engineering. Software developers often lack such specialized knowledge, but White Lioness technologies' team understands the challenges of calculating the forces and weights applied to our products. This expertise proved that we had partnered with the right people. Besides, White Lioness technologies' team has always been swift with responding or delivering what we've asked."

Walraven Pipes

Part 2

Click here for the second part of the interview to learn what Adamski and Veldhuisen gained from this collaboration and on the next steps of their partnership with White Lioness technologies. 

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