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Grzegorz Adamski and Sebastiaan Veldhuisen told us how and why the partnership with White Lioness technologies began. Today, they’re here to tell us what they gained from it and about the future steps in this collaboration.

Walraven echoes with two words: simple and smart

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Walraven Packhunt Configurator



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What added value does White Lioness technologies deliver to you from a personal and business perspective?

Adamski: "It's been a pleasure to work with White Lioness technologies' team. There's close cooperation, and that's important to deliver results. In regard to the business perspective, Walraven has extensive knowledge about the installation market, but creating a configurator was an unknown world to us. It was a leap of faith and, so far, this collaboration is aiding us to control and align the project of the product configurator with our strategic objectives."


Veldhuisen: "In our weekly meetings with White Lioness technologies' team, six of the Walraven's employees work in technical sales support from different European offices. Their workflows often differ, and this fragmentation made it more difficult to align our inputs for White Lioness technologies. One of my key tasks is to consolidate such information and, luckily, White Lioness technologies' team has been very patient and proactive to help us understand what the technical sales support team needed. The development of the product configurator is helping to harmonize Walraven's workflows and follow the European code, which is critical for a company that manages its core processes in Europe. In regard to the business side, I've appreciated White Lioness technologies' initiative to share with us the logic behind the product configurator. Other suppliers we previously consulted delivered us black boxes — software with obscure working logics. White Lioness technologies' team instead openly shared with us how their configurator works. This openness tremendously supported the quality of our communication with them."



Walraven Containers


What did you gain from this collaboration?

Adamski: "You have expectations at the beginning of a partnership, and White Lioness technologies has met all of them. I learned a lot from this collaboration, and we want to transfer some of these learnings into Walraven's future strategy. The configurator in development will be an excellent tool to improve and speed up communication with our clients and, thereby, grow our business."


Veldhuisen: "We've encountered challenges on our way, but White Lioness technologies’ team has been supporting us, and we've learned a lot through the process. The main obstacle during the development of the configurator was the number of potential varieties and assemblies that you can create with the Walraven products. This item has caused some delays, but we're on the right path now."



What are the next steps of the collaboration with White Lioness technologies?

Adamski: "We want to be ahead of the curve and constantly strive for excellence. To this end, we want to explore further how to make our services and knowledge more accessible to customers. We expect this journey to take time given the conservative nature of the building industry. Still, we are sure that with a partner like White Lioness technologies, we'll continue to improve our offer to customers."


Veldhuisen: "Even though, Walraven manufactures high-quality products and offers outstanding customer service, it operates in a very competitive field. Our biggest priority at the moment is the launch of the new product configurator, which already covers about 50% of the Walraven portfolio. The goal is to manage 80% of customer requests through the product configurator. The remaining 20% are highly specialized products that require the expertise of the in-house Project Engineering Team." 

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